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Notice of Public Hearing and Comment Period for 2018 CDBG Action Plan Amendment

Community Development Block Grant

Post Date:02/28/2018

Following a public comment period and subsequent City Council action on March 26, 2018, a recommendation regarding this amendment will be forwarded to HUD for their consideration and approval. All citizens are welcome to submit comments at any time during the public comment period or at the public hearing. In advance of the public hearing, alternative formats of this information and accommodation for persons with disabilities will be made upon request (10 hour notice is required). To make arrangements for services call 218.299.5434; for TDD/Relay service dial 711.

Public Comment Period:
February 22, 2018 through March 23, 2018

Send written comments or phone:

City of Moorhead
Planning and Neighborhood Services
Attn. CD Program Administrator
PO Box 779, Moorhead MN 56561

Electronic comments may also be sent.

Public Hearing: Monday, March 12, 2018 - 5:45 p.m., 1st floor City Council Chambers, 500 Center Avenue, Moorhead MN 56560

Final Council Consideration: Monday, March 26, 2018

Summary of Proposed Amendment:

1. Boys & Girls Club Mobile Recreation for Youth: New activity + $5,000
Boys & Girls Club of the Red River Valley began offering “portable” recreation opportunities in Moorhead’s Queens (3201 20 St S), Belsly (3500 12 St S), and Stonemill (1210 45 Ave S) Parks in 2014 by means of their P.O.D. “Play Outside Daily” truck, which is staffed by recreation leaders and filled with play equipment. The truck travels to metro area parks that do not have regular youth programming. The P.O.D. program focuses on physical activity, relationship building, and character development. In order to expand the popular program in Moorhead and make it available regularly, CDBG funding is recommended to offset Boys & Girls Club costs in Moorhead neighborhoods where at least 51% of the participants are from low to moderate income households. Adding this program to the City’s CDBG program will increase the Boys & Girls Club’s ability to do youth outreach in Moorhead. National Objective: 570.208 (a)(2) – LMC/Eligibility: 570.201 (e) HUD Matrix Code 05L – Child Care Services.

Financial - $5,000 is proposed to be redirected from Romkey Park Youth Programming (see proposed amendment below) to the Boys & Girls Club P.O.D. programming in Moorhead.

2. Romkey Park Youth Programming: Reduction of budget from $21,200 to $11,200
Due to declining summer enrollment, Moorhead Parks & Recreation staff have suggested allocating funds from their program to the popular Boys & Girls Club’s P.O.D. programming and delivering only after school programming at Romkey Park (900 19 St S). National Objective: 570.208 (a)(2) – LMC/Eligibility: 570.201 (e) HUD Matrix Code 05L – Child Care Services.

Financial – $11,200 (includes $200 for program administration) is needed for after school programming at Romkey Park.

3. Public Bus Shelter at 3305 3 Ave N near Bright Sky Apartments: New activity +$25,000
Churches United for the Homeless (CUFH) will be opening their newly constructed, 43-unit permanent supportive housing project, Bright Skies Apartments in March. These apartments will be occupied by both low-income families and individuals. CUFH has requested a MATBUS shelter in the right-of-way near this complex. Use of public transit from the building is anticipated be high, and transit users have little shelter from weather conditions in the immediate vicinity. National Objective: 570.208 (a)(1) LMA/Eligibility 570.201 (c) – HUD Matrix Code 3 – Public Facilities and Improvements

Financial – $25,000 is proposed for this activity, funded through reduction in Romkey Park programming ($5,000 available from reduced Romkey budget – see amendments #1 & #2) and 2017 program income received beyond that which was projected.

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