Census 2020


Help Us Count Everyone

WeCountMN_logo_RGB_tcm36-377051 The Constitution of the Unites States requires a full count of the population every ten years; starting in 1790 the Census Bureau has counted every resident of the United States.  Previous censuses would request households to return their census forms by mail or census workers would visit neighborhoods to count remaining households.  The 2020 Census plans to add an online response form to use modern and cost-efficient methods to count everyone once and in the right place.


Why It's Important

The data that will be collected by the 2020 Census are critical for states, counties and communities. Minnesota's State Demographer's office has outlined why the census is important and how it can impact Moorhead.


Census Timeline

Activities for the 2020 Census are already underway in preparations for Census Day - April 1, 2020.  A general timeline has been developed by the State Demographers office for reference.


Census Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to common questions about the decennial census from the U.S. Census Bureau.


How To Get Involved

Moorhead has developed a Complete Count Committee to help educate and reach all of our citizens.  If you are interested in helping achieve a complete count, please let us know.


Census Job Opportunities

Census Jobs are available now and more will open in 2020.