Major road closure/detour continues:

The complete closure of the intersection of SE Main and 20 St|21 St (all directions) will remain in place for more than a year. Traffic should continue to use either 12 Ave or Highway 10 as an east/west route and 34 St S or 8 St S as a north/south route.

Other travel Impacts: 

20 St was briefly open from 8 Ave to 6 Ave but is now closed for water main work. The segment is expected to open back up to traffic by Friday, Nov. 23

 4 Ave closed from 21 St to 22 St

Oakway and Birch Ln intersection has a temporary roundabout in place

1 Ave and 12 Ave detour routes will remain active

10.11 New Detour SE Main


Ground Breaking Shovel

Courtesy of Haney's Photography 

Project Description

The proposed project will reconstruct and realign the intersection of SE Main Ave and 20 St/21 St to pass under new bridges that will carry the BNSF and Otter Tail Valley Railroad tracks over the streets. The project will result in improvements to safety and congestion for vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and emergency services.

The project also includes the construction of new track (called a wye) that will allow direct northbound to eastbound and westbound to southbound train movements. Under existing conditions, trains must travel into the Downtown area, stop, and reverse direction to make these movements. The wye will eliminate delays at the Downtown crossings associated with trains backing up. Construction of the wye will require the closure of 1 Ave S near the wye track.

Project Layout

Proposed Layout

City Contacts

Tom Trowbridge, Assistant City Engineer
General Construction Questions 218.299.5395

Jon Atkins, City Traffic Engineer
Detour and Traffic Concerns 218.299.5388

Levi Hockett, City Inspector
Specific Construction Questions 218.299.5396

For Other Inquiries
Contact the Engineering Department

Additional Information 

Animated Depiction of 20th & 21st St/SE Main Avenue Grade Separation Project

20 & 21 St/SE Main Ave Grade Separation Project Layout

May 23, 2018 - Public Info Meeting, Slide Show Presentation - SE Main Ave 20/21st St Railroad Grade Separation Project

May 29, 2018 - Public Hearing, Slide Show Presentation - SE Main Ave 20/21st St Railroad Grade Separation Project

July 11, 2018 - Community Information Meeting - SE Main Ave 20/21st ST Railroad Grade Separation

July 16, 2018 - Underpass Ground Breaking Ceremony - SE Main Ave 20/21st ST Railroad Grade Separation 




SE Main Construction Photos

Updated on 11/27/2018 2:47 pm

These photos show the construction process in the SE Main/20/21 St Railroad Underpass Project.