Health, Housing & Food Resources



Health Resources

 agency  Health resources
MN Dept of Health
 Strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
 Facts about Coronavirus Disease 2019

Housing Resources

 agency  housing resources
MN Housing
Renters & Homeowners, Multifamily Property Owners, Multifamily Grant Programs, Lenders & Homeownership Partners, Providers Serving People Experiencing Homelessness

Food Resources

Moorhead residents are fortunate to have many organizations in our area dedicated to connecting food resources to those persons who are in need. The following list is not exhaustive and is changing rapidly during this time of crisis. Please check these resources often for updates.

 FOOD resources
Cass Clay Food Partners

Free Meals & Groceries, Grocery & Meal Delivery, Grocery Shopping for At Risk Populations, Immediate Employment Opportunities, and much more!

Daily Facebook Live Updates at 7:30 pm

Great Plains Food Bank
Mobile food pantry, partner food panties, shelters and soup kitchens, health organizations, and Feeding America program
Dorothy Day Food Pantry
Check the website for updates to services during Stay at Home order