Burn Permit Guide

  1. Under the Departments Heading, Click on Recreational Fires.Burn-Permit-Guide-4-13-20-1
  2. Click on Open Burning Permits.Burn-Permit-Guide-4-13-20-2
  3. Complete all information listed on the screen. Instructions are provided in red.Burn-Permit-Guide-4-13-20-3Burn-Permit-Guide-4-13-20-4Burn-Permit-Guide-4-13-20-5
  4. Click the Check Mark in the Gray Box and the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. If any required information is not included, the font will change to red and an x will appear on the right side of the screen.Burn-Permit-Guide-4-13-20-6
  5. Once your form has been submitted, you will receive a dialog box indicating that your form has been submitted and you will be notified when your permit is approved.Burn-Permit-Guide-4-13-20-7
  6. If an email address was provided, you will also receive an email indicating your application was received.Burn-Permit-Guide-4-13-20-8
  7. Once your permit is approved by Moorhead Fire, a copy of the approved permit will be emailed to you.Burn-Permit-Guide-4-13-20-9