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  • Date: 09/17/2023 8:00 am
  • Location: FM-Area Trail System

The FM-Duro is a race based off of the style of Enduro Mountain Bike Races, even though we don’t have the downhill terrain. We'll have timed stages, and untimed transfer stages. Enter the Fargo - Moorhead All Trails Enduro!

Participants will ride different stages, a lap or segment(s), of each trail system in the FM-Area at; Iwen, Gooseberry, and MB Johnson Park. These will be the timed stages. The times from each of these will be tracked and cumulated together.

The transfer stages are the time moving between the timed stages. This transfer is not counted as part of your cumulative time for the race. 
The event will start at Iwen and riders will progress through the segments and trails moving north. The event will end at MB Johnson Park with food and drinks for the participants. 
Registration and more details: FM-Duro Online Registration ( 

FM DuroFM Duro 2

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