Ongoing Projects / Planning Documents


Community Capital Improvement Projects:

The City of Moorhead, in their Strategic Planning Process, identified and prioritized six community initiatives in Moorhead as the focus for fundraising and implementation. For more information visit the Moorhead Community Fund Page. These projects include:


Inclusive Playground

This project is to develop an inclusive playground, designed to provide a safe place where children of all abilities can play together. A working group has been assembled and has met with a playground designer to develop a preliminary layout for marketing purposes. Community input will be solicited for equipment selection from the various user groups. The Inclusive Playground location will be Southside Regional Park next to the Miracle Field. Cost estimate for this project is $1,000,000. 

 River Corridor and Trails

 River Corridor Improvements

Since approval of the River Corridor Plan, there have been numerous projects that have been completed or are underway along the River Corridor. For specific details of the Projects, Partnerships, Grants/ Funding Sources, Trail Maps and Programs Click Here.

 Natural Play Rendering 1.1(web)

Natural Playground

The City of Moorhead and the FM Rotary Foundation are partnering to construct a Natural Playground in the downtown Moorhead Riverfront Park. A Natural Playground is a space with nature-derived play structures and spaces and as few man-made components as possible that allows people to enjoy spaces year round and embrace nature and the outdoors. This large natural playground at Riverfront Park will use wood, boulders, trees, hillsides, shrubs, logs and natural elements to provide open-ended, physically challenging and unstructured play opportunities for kids young and old. Donations for this project will go towards development of a Natural Playground. Donations can also be made directly to FM Rotary Foundation.

 River Oaks Dog Park

Dog Park Amenities

In 2020, the City placed fencing for a dog park at River Oaks Park in south Moorhead. Although this fencing has been installed, there is still a need for amenities that would enhance the park for users, such as benches, trees, agility equipment, signage, additional lighting for winter months, etc. Total project cost to complete the River Oaks Dog Park is estimated at $25,000. The Centennial Dog Park in north Moorhead is also in need of additional amenities to complete that project. The estimated cost is also $25,000 for this location.

 Matson Memorial Field

 Matson Field/Moorhead Baseball Improvements

There was a group of baseball enthusiasts meeting to discuss fundraising for a new grandstand and monument sign at Matson Field. The Centennial Baseball Complex is also in need of field improvements for Youth Baseball. Project Cost is estimated to be $600,000.

 Southside regional park

Southside Regional Park- Field Lights

Southside Regional Park is currently home to a number of Moorhead’s youth sporting organizations including football, soccer, and youth baseball. The addition of field lighting would extend their season into the evenings in the spring and fall. The goal is to light 5 fields at a cost of $150,000 per field. Total Project Cost is estimated to be $750,000.

To see the complete Master Plan for Southside Regional Park- Click Here!

Planning Documents

Onward Moorhead-2022 Comprehensive Plan

Southside Regional Park

Eide Bailly Golf Study

Metro Sports Facility Study - 2005