The City is moving forward with a master planned redevelopment site around Moorhead City Hall (pictured below). The City has determined that remaining in the current City Hall building is the best use of that building to support of the overall vision of that redevelopment.

The anticipated budget for the project is $20 million, including design fees, soft costs, and contingencies. The project area is the existing building, including the ground floor area that is currently part of the Moorhead Center Mall.

Please check out the RFQ here for more details.


Question: Are there any union or labor requirements?

     Answer: There are no union or labor requirements.

Question: Are there any timelines for the services requested?

    Answer: We are expecting the design services to be completed in time for construction to start in spring of 2025. 


city hall remodel project

City Hall Plaza

Updated on 03/11/2024 9:19 am