Weeds & Mowing


The City of Moorhead asks that residents please keep on top of lawn care, and if you are going to be on vacation or your mower is "on the fritz,"consider hiring a neighborhood kid or asking a friend for assistance.

Whose job is it?

The City of Moorhead is responsible for maintaining parks and recreation areas, along with other City-owned properties and a number of roadway corridors. Individual property owners are responsible for mowing their properties, including the adjacent boulevards.

What’s the rule?

The City Code standardrequires that for areas 250 square feet or 30% of the lot (whichever is less), grass may not exceed 8 inches in length and noxious weeds must be cut down or sprayed. 

How do I make a report?

If you notice a property in Moorhead that has tall grass or noxious weeds, please make a report or call the Neighborhood Services Division at 218.299.5434. Your name will not be released to the property owner.

What happens next?

Once a report has been verified, the property owner has a 5-day compliance period to mow the property. If the property is not in compliance after five days, the City hires a contractor to mow, and the property owner bears the cost of the service plus an administrative penalty ($100). Further violations at the same property withinone year are charged an administrative penalty at the time the complaint is verified and no compliance period is given before the City hires a contractor to mow. Unpaid mowing charges are assessed to the property.

Natural Lawn Plantings

Looking to incorporate natural plantings on your property that exceed eight inches in height?

  • If your proposed plantings are either 1.) less than 30% of your yard or 2.) less than 250 contiguous square feet (whichever is less) - no permit is required.
  • If your proposed plantings (grasses or other growth that exceed eight inches in height) are more than 30% of your yard or more than 250 square feet in area - a Natural Lawn Application is required.  For details on this application process, please contact the Neighborhood Services Office. 
  • Check out this Pollinator Toolbox for ideas!

Boulevard Plantings

Would you like to incorporate natural plantings in the boulevard?

  • City Code allows plantings in the boulevard. The boulevard is the public right-of-way lying between the property line and sidewalk, and between the sidewalk and the roadway, or where no sidewalk exists between the property line and the roadway. 
  • Check out the Boulevard Right-of-Way permit if you're interested.