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The City of Moorhead promotes a culture of respect, integrity, inclusiveness, work-life balance, and flexibility. We also ensures employees are rewarded for their work by offering a comprehensive benefits package, opportunities for on-going training and development, competitive compensation, recognition, and more.

The City of Moorhead employs approximately 280 full-time employees and 340 seasonal/part-time employees throughout the year. We strive to attract and retain employees who see themselves as service leaders who are committed to the needs of Moorhead residents.

Work for the City

Join the City of Moorhead and find the satisfaction of collaborating with incredibly talented people on issues and services that matter. Check out our current Job Postings. You can also Signup for Job Posting Notices and receive an automatic notice when jobs of interest to you are published.

Salary Data

Minnesota State law requires that salary data be reported at least annually.

The positions and base salaries of the three highest-paid City of Moorhead employees are:

  1. City Manager - $177,027
  2. Engineering Department Director - $166,755
  3. Chief of Police - $160,264


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