Let's Talk Downtown


Downtown Incentives

On August 15 an Open House was conducted to begin a community discussion regarding economic initiatives to encourage downtown development.  The open house included opportunities for the community to share their ideas and suggestions regarding a variety of initiatives illustrated on boards.  Here are a few photos of community response.

At the August 27, 2018 Economic Development Authority (EDA) meeting the group discussed and recommended approval to the City Council updates for a new Downtown Moorhead Renaissance Zone Incentive program.  The draft policy is anticipated for review by the City Council at their September 10 meeting.


500 in 5 - Downtown Housing Goal

May 2018, the City of Moorhead endorsed a "500 in 5" goal to encourage the development of 500 additional housing units in the next 5 years in partnership with the Moorhead EDA, Downtown Moorhead, Inc. and private sector development community.  So far, building permits have been issued for the construction of over 160 new new housing units downtown.


Coming Soon: Downtown Plan

The EDA approved a partnership with Downtown Moorhead Inc. to conduct a Downtown Planning Study.