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The Public Works Department is the general maintenance department of the City of Moorhead. Public Works is comprised of 58.5 full time skilled employees and up to 54 seasonal employees.


The Public Works Department is made up of the following divisions:

  • Streets
  • Sanitation
  • Forestry
  • Mosquito Control
  • Fleet
    Repairs, maintains, and replaces the City fleet of vehicles and machinery
  • Park Maintenance
    Maintains park facilities and open grass areas, cleaning facilities, maintains swimming pools, repairs playground equipment, cleans and removes snow from bike trails, maintains outdoor hockey rinks, ball fields, and soccer fields
  • Right-of-Way Maintenance
    Mows right of ways, vacant lots, and road ditches
  • Golf Course Maintenance
    Performs upkeep and maintenance on The Meadows and Village Green golf courses


Information on herbicide spraying in parks

On Monday, May 10, the Moorhead City Council voted to stop herbicide spraying on some city-owned parks property. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What public property will not be sprayed for weeds and what will continue to be sprayed?
There will be no herbicide spraying in public parks and playgrounds. Spraying for weeds will continue as needed on golf courses, athletic fields, rights of way and other city-owned land.

What about noxious weeds in parks and playgrounds?

The City is currently reviewing alternative herbicide-free products and looking at options for targeted removal of plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, etc.

What are the benefits of eliminating herbicide use?
      • Moorhead is part of the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program, which helps guide our sustainability decisions.  One of the best practices suggests creating land management standards that are pollinator safe. Stopping the use of herbicides is part of our efforts to protect pollinator species in Moorhead.
      • The targeted spraying of noxious weeds is more environmentally friendly, as well as more cost effective, as our herbicide use will be greatly reduced.
      • Herbicides can kill nectar-producing plants, which are essential for pollinators.

If you have questions or comments about the decision to stop spraying in parks and playgrounds, please call 218.299.5166.

Public Works Facility
700 15th Ave N

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218.299.5422 or if it is an emergency after normal operating hours (7 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday), call Red River Dispatch at 701.451.7660 and they will contact Public Works on-call employee to respond.