Employee Benefits


The City of Moorhead provides a comprehensive benefits package to its full-time employees. The City of Moorhead provides employer-paid contributions toward health insurance, basic life insurance, and public retirement program. Additional elective benefits are also available to employees.

Benefits Insurance 

The City provides $857.50 per month for single plans, $1,281.50 per month for single +1 plans and $1,635.50 per month for family plans to be used toward health insurance premiums. If an employee does not use the entire amount provided by the City on insurance, the remaining amount may be received as taxable income (potentially an extra $4,249 additional taxable annual income). This money can also be used for dental, vision or other supplemental insurances or the balance can also go into a Health Savings Account if eligible.

Health Insurance

  • Carrier: Medica
  • Employer contribution dependent on coverage option
  • If the premium cost is less than the employer contribution (amounts shown in parenthesis), the City contributes the difference to you and can be received either as a pre-tax contribution to your Health Savings Account (HSA) or received in cash as taxable wages.

Employee Cost PER MONTH
Single Single +1 Family
Rx $1500  (178.08)   175.66   264.56 
HDHP $1500
 177.88  267.46
HDHP $2900
   56.92  109.72
HDHP $6350
(201.96) (227.84)


Dental Insurance

  • Carrier: The Standard
  • No employer contribution

Employee Cost per month
EMPLOYEE +1 Family
Dental Plan


65.26 118.48


Basic Life Insurance

  • Carrier: Sun Life
  • Fully paid by employer
  • Coverage Options: $15,000, $30,000 or $50,000 (depending on position)


Supplemental Life Insurance

  • Carrier: Sun Life
  • No employer contribution
  • Coverage Options: Employee or Spouse
  • Rates based on age


Vision Insurance

  • Carrier: Superior Vision
  • No employer contribution

Employee Cost EMPLOYEE
EMPLOYEE +Child(ren) Family
Vision Plan


18.53 20.87 29.21


Short Term Disability Insurance 

  • Carrier: The Hartford
  • No employer contribution
  • Replacement income up to 60% of weekly income.
  • Goes into effect on the 15th day of non-occupational disability, sickness or injury payable up to 13 weeks.
  • Rates based on age 


Long Term Disability Insurance

  • Carrier: The Hartford
  • No employer contribution
  • Rates based on age


Accident Insurance

  • Carrier: Cigna
  • No employer contribution

 Employee Cost Per Month
Employee +spouse
Employee +Child(ren)
 Low Plan
 Medium Plan
16.94  28.74


Critical Illness Insurance 

  • Carrier: Cigna
  • No employer contribution
  • Rates based on age


Pre-Tax Benefit Programs

Health Care Savings Account (HSA)

  • Carrier: Further
  • Purpose: Used for out-of-pocket medical expenses on a pre-tax basis
  • Requirements: Must be paired with the High Deductible Health Plan

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • Carrier: Further
  • Purpose: Used to pay for medical and/or dependent care expenses


Retirement Program

  • Carrier: Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota (PERA)
  • About PERA: Membership is automatic for non-elected public employees who meet position eligibility requirements set by Minnesota Statute. Contributions are based on gross salary.

Plan Options Membership Employee Contribution Employer Contribution
Coordinated Plan Non-Elected Public Employees 6.50% 7.50%
Police & Fire Plan Law Enforcement & Firefighter Employees 11.8% 17.7%


Deferred Compensation

  • Carriers: Nationwide and ICMA
  • Plan Type: 457 and ROTH IRA Programs
  • About Deferred Compensation: This retirement program is available to employees of state and local governments. It allows participants to save for retirement by deferring a portion of their income now and paying taxes on it at withdrawal


Paid Time Off Benefits and Years of Service

All leave benefits are based on labor union contract and/or City policy. Days below are based on the typical benefit provided to a new employee

  • Holidays (10/year)
  • Vacation (10/year)
  • Sick (12/year)
  • Vacation accruals increase at designated milestones of employment
  • Leave of Absence - Military, Funeral, Jury Duty


Continuing Education and Tuition Assistance

The City provides initial and on-going training to its team members on a regular basis and encourages personal and professional growth.

  • On-site training opportunities throughout the year are offered.
  • Departments also budget for additional training opportunities as needed to ensure our employees have the tools to do their jobs.
  • Tuition Assistance is available when approved in the annual City budget.


Flexibility and Telework

  • We can offer flexible work schedules and flexible location options for certain positions.  Not all positions may be eligible.


Other Benefits

  • Workers Compensation - Benefits provided under Minnesota State Worker's Compensation laws
  • Employee Assistance Program
    • Carrier: The Village Business Institute