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Brush Chipping Service Starts Monday, May 6

Post Date:05/02/2024 8:30 am

Brush chipping service will start on Monday, May 6 with the City of Moorhead Forestry crew chipping branch piles on the same day as residents’ recycling day. Please visit our website for more information on our brush chipping and pickup service.

As a reminder, the compost site located at 1800 Hwy 75 N is open. Here you can drop off branches and pick up free wood chips and compost! With roughly 2,200 yards of wood chips generated each chipping season, there's plenty to go around.

Not sure what to do with wood chips? Here are some eco-friendly ideas:
• Cushion play areas to maintain healthy soil.
• Mulch potted plants and trees for moisture retention.
• Protect garden beds from erosion caused by water runoff.
• Prep soil for spring planting by adding winter mulch.
And don't forget about compost—it's a gardening superhero! Here's why:
• Boosts plant growth and health.
• Provides essential nutrients in an organic form.
• Deepens plant roots for stronger growth.
• Improves soil quality and reduces erosion.
• Conserves water and moderates soil temperature.


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