Industrial Land for Sale


Contact Information

  • Phone - 218.299.5441
  • Email for more information
Parcel Address
Lot Size in Acres
58.417.0160 4110 32 Ave S
2.13 Rail Lot
58.417.0170 4102 32 Ave S
2.13 Rail Lot
58.417.0310 4126 29 Ave S
1.92 I-94 Lot
58.418.0010 4202 29 Ave S
1.86  I-94 Lot
58.418.0020 4210 29 Ave S
1.87  I-94 Lot
58.420.0040 4111 34 Ave S
11.04  Available
58.420.0050 4201 34 Ave S
MCCARA Industrial Park - Covenants


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