Government Access Channel


Access Channels

The City of Moorhead maintains franchise agreements with both local cable providers, Sparklight and Midco, to provide both government and public access channels.

Midco Customers

  • Government access - Channel 12
  • Public Access - Channel 99

Sparklight Customers

  • Government access - Channel 1058
  • Public access - Channel 1069

Moorhead Community Access Media

The City maintains a separate agreement with Moorhead Community Access Media (MCAM) to manage and provide content for both stations. MCAM is a non-profit organization that, in addition to managing these channels, provides assistance for residents to produce and broadcast media on these channels.

At the request of City staff, MCAM produces and broadcasts most City public meetings and special events. Beyond the broadcast of these meetings, all content and scheduling decisions are made by MCAM staff and board members. The City has two seats on the MCAM board.  Council Member Nesemeier, and the IT Director, Corey Delorme, are the current representatives..


MCAM provides live broadcasts and replays of the following City meetings on channels 12 and 1058:

  • City Council
  • Airport Commitee
  • Art & Culture Commission
  • Charter Commission
  • Economic Development Authority
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Park Advisory Board
  • Planning Commission
  • Public Service Commission