Vacation House Checks


As a courtesy to all Moorhead citizens, Police Department officers and volunteers will conduct security checks of your home, at your request, if you are leaving town on vacation, for an extended period of time, or if you travel south for the winter.

Residents requesting vacation house checks must secure all doors and windows before leaving. Any open doors and windows will be investigated by an officer and the house will be secured.

Request A Vacation House Check
Submit the Vacation House Check Request online or print the Vacation House Checks Request form and either fax it to 218.299.6461 or mail to:

City of Moorhead Police Department
911 11 St North
Moorhead, MN 56560

For any further assistance with completing a vacation house check request, please contact the Community Policing Coordinator at 218.299.5143.  

All residential check information is private data and will not be shared with the public. Information on this form will only be shared internally for the purpose of checking on your home.

Tips to keep your home safe while away:

1.  Stop mail and newspaper delivery.

2.  Leave lights on throughout the house at various times using timers.

3.  In the winter have someone take care of snow removal.  This includes your private property sidewalks in addition to your driveway and the city sidewalk.  In the summer have someone mow your grass if away for an extended period. 

4.  In the winter, have a neighbor drive up and down your driveway to leave tracks, especially right after a fresh snowfall. 

5.  Leave a key with a trusted neighbor, friend or family member.  Do not leave spare keys hidden outside your home.

6.  Unplug your television, computer and small appliances to protect them from power surges if leaving for an extended period.