Flood Mitigation Projects


Flood mitigation projects are designed to reduce the risk of flooding but will not eliminate it.

Protection Plan

The City of Moorhead is working on numerous projects to reduce the level of temporary measures needed to protect the community during major flood events. Where feasible, all infrastructure projects are built to a river stage of 44 feet (gates and levees) or 45 feet (flood-walls).

Short-term Flood Mitigation Efforts

The City’s short-term efforts for flood mitigation include:

  • Voluntary acquisition of all riverfront properties that fall below 39.3 feet (the revised FEMA 100-year flood stage)
  • Voluntary acquisition of riverfront property where comprehensive levee or flood-wall projects may be constructed
  • Revisions to floodplain management requirements that exceed the revised FEMA 100-year flood stage and establish a recommended geotechnical setback for construction adjacent to the river
  • Support for individual homeowner's efforts to construct geotechnically-sound levees in their backyards.
  • Construction of earthen levees and flood-walls on City property and right-of-way adjacent to the river

The short-term flood mitigation projects have not been certified to FEMA standards. The City may consider certification of these projects at a future date; however, until such time, the projects do not remove property from the floodplain or remove flood insurance requirements.

Long-term Flood Mitigation Efforts

The City is a member of the Fargo-Moorhead Metro Diversion Board of Authority and co-sponsor for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area Flood Risk Reduction (Diversion) Project.

Red River Corridor Study

The Moorhead River Corridor Plan has been completed to establish a comprehensive strategy to address issues, needs and opportunities identified along the river corridor.


Email Floodplain staff or call 218.299.5386.