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Youth Baseball

All team rosters and schedules are listed for each level below. Simply find your child's name, their team, and access the schedule for the season. If you have any questions, please contact Jordan at 218.299.5078.

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* For weather-related announcements and cancellations, visit the home page of our website, or our Facebook Page for updates.


Big Bopper BatterBig Bopper (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Team Rosters

Hansmann/Ridgewood Twins          Southside Mets

Southside Rockies          Village Green Athletics


Big Bopper (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Team Rosters

Hansmann Dodgers          Ridgewood Twins          Southside Athletics

Southside Cardinals         Southside Royals           Southside/Village Green Braves


T-Ball CatcherT-Ball

Team Rosters

Hansmann/Ridgewood Royals          Southside Braves

Southside Dodgers          Southside/Village Green Cardinals





Team Rosters

Hansmann Royals          Ridgewood Cardinals

Southside Athletics       Southside Dodgers

Southside Mets              Southside Rockies

Southside Twins            Village Green Braves



Pop Up OutfielderPop-Up

Team Rosters

Hansmann Cardinals          Ridgewood/Village Green Braves

Southside Athletics            Southside Mets





Adult Kickball League

KickballKickball Rules          Kickball Roster Template

League Schedule      League Standings

Lite on Athletics       Old School

T-Rex Hates Kickball          The Pirates of Voyager