Stormwater Permits


Land disturbing activities that may result in the discharge of sediment to the stormwater system are required to obtain the City of Moorhead’s Grading/Erosion Control permit. If one or more acres of land is disturbed, an MPCA Permit will also be required. Gardens, home landscaping, repairs, additions and maintenance work which are under 5,000 square feet and will not result in sediment entering the stormwater system; a permit is not required.

Construction Plan Sheets

Submit construction plan sheets and the Erosion/Sediment Control Application to Building Codes on the 4th Floor of City Hall (500 Center Ave).

Erosion/Sediment Control Standards

Erosion/Sediment Control Permits

Boulevard Planting Permit

City code allows plantings in the boulevard.  The boulevard is the public right-of-way lying between the property line and sidewalk, and between the sidewalk and the roadway, or where no sidewalk exists between the property line and the roadway. 


Email Stormwater staff or call 218.299.5386