Zoning & Subdivision Codes


The Planning and Zoning Division provides guidance for development of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial properties in Moorhead.  The City of Moorhead Zoning and Subdivision Codes outline standards for the use and physical development of land.

Zoning Code

Moorhead’s Zoning Code establishes zoning districts, which outline land use and building standards for property within city limits to meet the objectives of the Moorhead Comprehensive Plan.  Zoning districts established by the Zoning Code include minimum standards for items such as:

  • Location and size of buildings and other structures
  • Size of yards and open spaces
  • Use of buildings and land for promoting and protecting public health, safety and general welfare

Depending on the situation, additional steps (such as rezoning of property or a conditional use permit) may be required to meet the intent of the Comprehensive Plan and other approved plans.

Explore zoning regulations and land use across Moorhead with the City's interactive map by clicking the image below. This user-friendly web application allows you to access detailed property information directly in your web browser or mobile device, making it easy to research any property on the go.

Moorhead Planning and Zoning

Subdivision Code

Moorhead’s Subdivision Code encourages well-planned, efficient and safe development of land through impartial design and construction standards.  Subdivision of property may be accomplished by:

  • Preliminary and Final platting requires a public hearing before the Planning Commission and final approval by the City Council.
  • Minor subdivision requires approval by the City Council only.
  • Administrative subdivision may be processed by staff (no Planning Commission or City Council consideration).

Disclaimer: These excerpts of Moorhead City Code are provided for informational purposes only.  In the case of any discrepancy between this version and the official hard copy on file with the City Clerk, the official hard copy will prevail.  This version of the code may not reflect all of, or most current amendments/ordinances that have been passed.