58384105_2355782124679390_3584311050742267904_oThe Police Explorer Post was re-established in 2004 and maintains an annual membership of 12-18 members. Explorers meet three to four times a month and train in many areas of law enforcement. Explorers receive training from Police Officers and are kept up to date in current laws and training techniques. Explorers assist the Police Department with traffic control during parades, bike rodeos, and more. Explorers have been called on in the past to assist with large area searches and assist with major cases within the city. As an explorer off the mandatory three month probation period, you will be allowed to participate in our ride along program. You would be allowed up to six (6) ride alongs per year with our Patrol Division.

To request an application for our post, please contact us.  We will accept applications year round, but we only accept new members once a year in September. Should you wish to complete an online application, it will be held until that time. You will be contacted as soon as possible to confirm your application has been received, and again during our recruiting period.