I-94 Water Tower Art - Call for Artists

The City of Moorhead has issued a Call for Artists to develop a work of art with our community to be installed on the water tower along Interstate 94 near 20th Street in Moorhead.  Artists are encouraged to respond to the Call for Artists until the deadline at noon on Friday, March 6, 2020. 

Call for Artists opportunity link.

Arts and Culture to Enjoy

Moorhead has many wonderful arts and cultural amenities for residents, businesses and visitors to enjoy.  Here are a few public art projects available for all to experience:

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Art & Culture Commission

Moorhead's Art & Culture Commission was established to advise the Mayor & City Council on the development of arts and cultural activities, projects, organizations and facilities within the City of Moorhead.

The Moorhead City Council has approved the following policies that were developed and recommended by the Art & Culture Commission relating to art.

Moorhead's Arts & Culture Framework Plan

Moorhead has gathered broad community input toward the articulation of both the vision and path for the development of Moorhead as a city known for its arts and culture.

Learn More about the Arts and Cultural Framework Plan.