Curbside Brush Pickup Service


Forestry will provide curbside brush chipping and pickup service May 6th, 2024 to September 27th, 2024. Service will occur every other week on your recycling day. To find your recycling day, use the Moorhead Garbage and Recycling Information Search.

From September 30th, 2024 to May 2nd, 2025, curbside branch pickup service will be on a call-in basis only. You may request brush pickup either online at Contact Forestry or by phone at 218.299.5422.

The chipping service is meant for residents who prune trees on their own property. Any debris generated by the activities of tree contractors, landscapers, lawn maintenance firms or other contractor entities will not be collected.


Our chipping machines have limitations on what can be safely run through them, and we are time-limited on each house in order to ensure everyone who needs service on the route can get it that day. Here are some specifications and recommendations that will help us work as effectively as possible.

-Piles must to be kept to a size no larger than 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet high. A pile this size will take approximately 15-20 minutes to chip. If a pile is larger we will chip what is equivalent to 12x8x4 and leave the remainder until your next recycling day.
-Branches must be 8 inches or smaller in diameter.
-To help us work quickly, please make the pile in such a way that the base of the limbs point in the same direction. This will make it easier to grab branches and feed them into the chipper.
-Piles with branches facing all directions take extra time because they need to be pulled apart and then fed into the machine.
-Branches must be placed on the boulevard, not in alleys.
-Branches should not be bundled.
-Do not put brush in bags, garbage cans, wheelbarrows, or boxes.
-Branches cannot be mixed with the following:
       -root balls
       -compost, leaves, trash, dirt, etc.
       -lumber, plastic, garbage, and construction and demolition material


Brush and Branch Drop Off

If a resident does not want to wait until their recycling day for brush chipping, wood debris can be hauled to the City’s Compost site. Any woody debris larger than 8 inches in diameter is subject to a disposal site fee. If part of a pile is left after the brush chipping day, residents can leave it for another two weeks for the next recycling day, or they can haul it to the compost site.
(Please do not drop off tree branches at our recycling drop-off locations. These locations are for grass clippings and leaves only.)

Compost Site
1800 Hwy 75 N
(Just North of Centennial Park baseball fields, right on Hwy 75)

Compost Hours:
Open Seasonally from April 15th, 2024 to November 22th, 2024
Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00 pm                 
Saturday 8:00 am to 11:45 pm


We proudly serve 1,050 households daily. If we miss you by accident, please submit a Service Request or call 218.299.5422 and we will get it on our list.

Roughly 2,200 yards of wood chips are generated each chipping season; this is about 715 tons per summer!

Did you know we give away the wood chips from our curbside brush pickup service? Take as much as you need from the Compost Site.