Tree Contractors


Tree Contractor Services

Contractors perform many valuable and often dangerous services. They are often called upon after a storm or in an emergency situation. Tree contractors specialize in tree and shrub removals, pruning and trimming, cabling and bracing, and stump removal.

Many tree contractors have on staff one or more Certified Arborists. The certification means the Arborist has an educational background in many aspects of proper tree care. A Certified Arborist might also offer services like tree identification, planting suggestions, disease diagnosis, and tree valuations.

A person or business that is compensated for performing these services in city limits must be licensed.

License Requirements

Residents and business owners who are in need of tree care are advised to use the services of a licensed tree contractor. The City of Moorhead issues licenses to tree contractors. The license ensures the contractor has liability and workers compensation insurance, and has obtained a performance bond. The performance bond is issued by an insurance company or bank to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor. The license must be renewed annually.

Simply because a tree contractor advertises in Moorhead does not mean they are properly licensed. These contractor licensing requirements are a safety measure to protect property owners. Property owners are encouraged to ask tree contractors to show their contractor’s license before they conduct any work on your property, or if they are selling their services door-to-door.

Businesses offering tree planting services are not required to have a license unless they also perform the additional tree contractor services mentioned above.

Forestry maintains a list of licensed tree contractors but does not recommend the services of any one licensed contractor over another. The property owner is advised to ask for references and credentials and to perhaps inspect previous work sites when they are deciding which firm to hire. This list is updated throughout the year.

Companies Offering Pruning and Removal Services

Al's Seasonal Services

23161 Jewel Rd

Little Falls MN 56345


Big Tree Nursery & Fischer Tree Service

1991 SE Main Ave 

Moorhead MN 56560


Ground 1 Contracting

804 6th Ave S 

Moorhead, MN 56560


Tyler's Tree Service

607 Gerald Way

Colfax, ND 58018


Bear's Tree Services

PO Box 10626

Fargo, ND 58106


Buffalo River Services

6912 70th Ave N

Glyndon, MN 56547


Bjornson Tree Care & Landscaping

911 15 Street North

Moorhead, MN  56560


Cougar Tree Care, Inc.
287 LIBERTY LN                 



Jason Fischer Hedge Service

4569 Beach Lane South

Fargo, ND  58104


NLS Services

2306 Meadow Ln

Hawley, MN 56549



PO BOX 196 



Neighborhood Services
1402 Broadway N

Fargo ND 58102


FM Tree Care

PO Box 5263

Fargo, ND 58105


Roger Fischer Tree Service

6044 28 Avenue North

Moorhead, MN  56560


Walt's Tree Service

5502 Co Rd 17 S

Horace, ND 58047


Carr’s Tree Service
307 State HWY 78 N
Ottertail, MN 56571

Companies Offering Treatment Services

Walt's Tree Service

5502 Co Rd 17 S

Horace, ND 58047


Carr’s Tree Service
307 State HWY 78 N
Ottertail, MN 56571

Buffalo River Services

6912 70th Ave N

Glyndon, MN 56547


Tri-State Tree Health Services LLC

617 Center St S

Wahpeton, ND 58075


Expectations of Contractors

Tree contractors cannot remove or trim trees growing on boulevards or in parks. Forestry is responsible for the maintenance and removal of the trees on public property. Residents can report concerns and request tree removal or tree trimming by contacting Forestry.

Tree contractors are required to haul away waste wood they have cut from a property owner’s lot. The Curbside Brush Pickup Service is not intended to be used as a cleanup service for tree contractors. This service is intended to assist property owners when they have removed small amounts of brush during routine maintenance tasks around their home.

Forestry contracts with licensed tree contractors to remove diseased or dead trees from private property as part of the Dutch Elm Disease Control Program. Moorhead Public Service also contracts with licensed tree contractors to perform power line clearance during the winter months.