Tree Removal


Forestry routinely inspects and inventories trees throughout the City of Moorhead. When a tree reaches a point where it is deemed unsafe to people or property, the City will remove the tree.

Trees are removed for the following reasons:

  • Death
  • Disease, such as Dutch Elm Disease
  • Structural or safety hazard
  • Conflict with impending construction or utility work where alternative design or work methods cannot be implemented

Trees will not be removed in the following circumstances:

  • Conflict with sanitary sewer services
  • Periodic infestations of nuisance insects or diseases that are not serious threats to tree health
  • Construction of parking slabs and/or garage additions where a driveway already exists
  • Raised concrete sections of sidewalk or driveway slabs due to tree roots, unless specifically authorized by Forestry

Removal Requests

Homeowners cannot remove boulevard trees. Residents can report concerns and request tree removal by contacting Forestry. Intentional removal by a homeowner or a commercial tree contractor without authorization from Forestry is considered destruction of public property.