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Stay informed on flood preparedness

City encourages community to sign up for e-Notification Service Alerts

Post Date:03/13/2019 10:03 am

The City of Moorhead continues to monitor National Weather Service flood forecasts and is prepared to implement it's flood protection protocols. Depending upon the degree of flooding projected, the City’s flood preparation efforts may be visible to the public in the form of road closures, clay levees, or similar measures but many will not, such as storm sewer gate closures and pump station activations.  However, affected departments are coordinating with one another and are conducting tabletop exercises to ensure preparedness for various river levels. Flood infrastructure, including gates and pump stations are being inspected and exercised. 

The temperatures and amount of precipitation received in the upcoming days and weeks will affect future flood forecasts. As more information is known, more public outreach will be conducted. The City remains vigilant and will conduct additional public outreach as more precise information is known.

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For emergency announcements, register for Code Red.



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