Building Permits



Important Contractor Notice: The 2020 Minnesota State Plumbing Code became effective December 17, 2021.  

Plumbing plan applications submitted after December 17, 2021 will be reviewed, built and inspected to the standards of the 2020 Minnesota State Plumbing Code. 

Questions? Check out the State of MN Dept of Labor and Industries code page or contact the Moorhead Building Code Office. Thank you!


Building Permit Applications, Fees, and Procedures

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Complete the application and bring it along with your plans, specifications, cost estimates and related information to the Building Code office on the 4th floor of City Hall - 500 Center Avenue. If you are making a minor alteration, a sketch or drawing (to scale) may be sufficient.

New construction requires very detailed plans which include but are not limited to the items found on the following pages:

All plans must be neat, drawn to scale, and clearly indicate the nature and extent of the work. No permits will be issued until complete plans are made available for review. No work will be permitted to start before the permit is issued and no plumbing or mechanical permits will be issued prior to obtaining a building permit.


Ready to schedule an inspection?

When you’ve reached the point when an inspection is needed, please call the Building Codes office at 218.299.5424. Inspections scheduled before 3 pm weekdays can generally be accommodated the same day. Please do not request an inspection by email or leave an inspection request on an inspector's voice mail. Some inspections are time sensitive and we want to be sure we don’t miss your message.

Regulated Construction Activity not managed by the City of Moorhead:

Electrical: The State of Minnesota contracts with a certified electrical inspector. Electrical permit applications are available online. Rod Schaffer is the Minnesota Certified Electrical Inspector assigned to our region may be reached at 218.340.0926.

Food, Beverage & Lodging: Clay County Environmental Health Services regulates Food Beverage & Lodging licensing within the City of Moorhead, including plan review, construction, remodeling, and ongoing inspection services.